Jetski Driving License Mallorca

Pure pleasure on the Ocean! With the Jet Ski Driving School and the Jet Ski hire, your Jet Ski hire on Mallorca offers the easy opportunity to make the Jetski-Driver’s License in just one day or to immediately rent one of our powerful “Water Motorcycles”.

Experience an exciting Day on Sea!

Just call and reserve your Jet ski, or sign in at the Jet Ski-Driving School and make your Driving License:

Jetski Driver’s License Mallorca – TOP BOATS Rental

TOP BOATS Rental Mallorca – directly at the port of port adriano:

+34 660 344 334 | Mo-Su 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

The Jetski Driving License – in just one Day!

Your Jetski hire on Mallorca makes it possible: Acquire your Jet Ski Driver’s License at our Driving School – in just one Day!

As easy as never before, to an unbeatable price!

Offer: € 449,00!

A wonderful Day is waiting on you. Where at the end your are a proud owner of a valid international Jet-Ski Driver’s License.

Jetski Drivers License  – Information at a glance:

Duration of the Course: ca. 7 Hours

Beginning: 10:00 am
Ending: 5:00 pm

The prices at one glance:

1 Person: 949,-€
2 People = 1.049,- €
3 People = 1.549,- €
4 People = 1.649,- €

Plus 45,- € examination fee, textbook and license exhibition

The prices listed above include the Instructor and his dinghy, each one Jetski for 2 people, like all the other related costs.

The Students can use the successful completed Jet Ski Drivers License exam for another hour! 


For the presentation of your Jetski Drivers License, we need 2 passport photos and a copy of your ID (We can create them on site) The Jet Ski Course will be done in English, so you need Basic Skills.

As a special reward we offer all new Boat-license holders following “Sweet”:

Book after your passed exam at our Boat Driving School a Motor Boat over TOP BOATS Rental and get a special discount in the amount of 10% off the regular rental price!

Ged informed about the next Dates! 

TOP BOATS Rental Mallorca – directly at the port of port adriano:

+34 660 344 334 | Mo-Su 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Just rent and drive off! – Jetski hire Mallorca

You already own the Jetski Drivers license and want to use our Jetski hire immediately and drive off? The modern Sea-Doo Jet Skis are waiting on you. The technical Die modernen Sea-Doo Jetskis stehen für Sie bereit. The sophisticated power packages, that can bring a lot of Speed, good “Waterfront” and maneuver ability with it, are available in two versions – Choose yourself and book today!

Jet-Ski Sea-Doo Spark


Beginner Jetski? Of course not! 100 HP bring the “small” Model quickly to speed. The handling is easy, the necessity top and the driving pleasure is enormous big.

More informations and Bookings under: Rent the Jetski Sea-Doo Spark

Jet-Ski Sea-Doo GTR 215


Turbo charger, 215 PS, Sport-Mode – The Speed Boat among the Jetskis! Drive like a professional, pure thrilss – with Intelligent braking and reserving system (iBR).

More information and Bookings under: Jetski-hire Sea-Doo GTR