Boat Driver’s License education on Mallorca


RYA Small Powerboat & RIB Master Kurs

In your boat driving school on Mallorca at Port Adriano, you acquire the RYA Small Powerboat & RIB Master.

What is the RYA Small Powerboat & RIB Master Course?

The RYA Small Powerboat & RIB Master Course is a Course for Beginners and for the Yacht Crew that wants to drive a Jet Ski, Tender or Sport Boat up to 10 Meters with that License.

The RYA SPB Course is a commercial Course and it’s recognized from MCA.

How does the training program look like and how long does the Course take?
The 2 day course consists of the following components:

– one Day ca. 8 Hours intensiv theoretical Course with the Themes Security on Board, Rules, Navigation rules, Knots and more…
– one Day Practice according to the Group size ca. 4 to 6 Hours on Board of an 8 Meter RIBS with an Engine (or a similar Boat).

You learn important techniques like move laterally, Knots, Leash work, Manoeuvre at a confined space, Man over Board etc.

Theoretical exam: about 1 hour

Which license do I get after the Course?

– RYA Small Powerboat & RIB Master

Price: 599,00 EUR

For an extra fee you can additionally get the ICC for boats up to 10 Meter (from the Irish Department of Transport)!

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German SBF Boat Driving License Education Sea – in just four Days!

Your Boat Driving School on Mallorca makes it possible: Acquire your German Sport Boat Driver’s License Sea at our Partner Driving School – in just four Days!

As easy and relaxed as never before – in our Partner Boat Driving School Mallorca at the location of Port de Andratx – and that to an unbeatable price! Expect four relaxed and eventful Days at the mild climate of Mallorca. After successfully completing the Exam in Germany (2-3 Weeks later) you’re a proud owner of the international German recognized Sport Boat Driver’s license Sea (SBF Sea).

German Boat Driving License Sea (SBF Sea) – Information at one glance

Boat Driving License Education – Course- & Exam information

Duration SBF Sea – Theoretical & Practical: 4 Days
Costs: 1.280,00 Euro plus the Examination fee: 90,00 Euro for the theoretical & Practical
Exam place-/ Beginning: Agreement at the commencement, over 30 places in Germany, Exams possible each Week

VIP Course max/minimal 2 People:
Duration: 4 Days
Price: 1.870,00 EUR

Duration SBF Binnen – Theoretical & Practical: 2 Days with the exam on Mallorca at Port Andratx, admitted for Boats under 15 Meters in the Sea Mile zone for the Coast of Mallorca/Balearic Islands as well as for the driving from Jet Skis
Costs: 659,00 EUR plus the examination fee 68,00 EUR for theoretical & practical

Our Driver’s School Boat

  • Sea Ray 240 with 260 PS, Built Year 2014

As a special reward we offer all new Boat license-holders following “Sweet”:

Book after your passed exam at our Boat Driving School a Motor Boat over Adriano Boats and get a special discount in the amount of 10% off the regular rental price!

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